Billing Options

Our members, as well as all the citizens of Georgia, enjoy some of the lowest electric rates in the nation, with the average rate in Georgia being well below the national average.

We bill members on a monthly basis and appreciate your efforts in keeping a clear path to the electric meter.

For your convenience, we provide several billing options. Select the option that best fits your needs.

Invoice/ Combined Billing

For members with multiple accounts

A quick glance will give you the information you need about each account and one check takes care of all your accounts with the total balance easily distinguishable on the invoice.

  • Multiple accounts, one invoice.
  • All bills mailed at one time.
  • Due on the same date.
  • Pay with one check.
  • The total is easy to spot.
  • No more adding

Levelized Billing

If you live on a fixed income and find it hard to budget for a fluctuating electrical bill, levelized billing may be an option for you. A Levelized Bill is a rolling average of your monthly bills for the most recent twelve (12) months. Averaging the bills reduces the fluctuations in your monthly bills – it brings the highest bills down a little and takes the lowest bills up a little. Levelized billing is most appreciated during periods of heavy KWH usage, usually caused by extreme temperatures, hot or cold, and holidays.

How Much Does it Cost to Participate?

Levelized Billing is a free service.

How Do I qualify?

Must be a residential member
Members must have twelve (12) months of good payment history with no non-pay disconnects nor returned checks
Account balance must be zero to begin Levelized Billing
All accounts must be kept current to remain on Levelized Billing

Combine this with the Bank Draft or our Auto Credit Card program and your monthly bill-paying chore becomes greatly reduced.

Paperless Billing

In addition, you can sign up for Paperless Billing, which saves money, time and trees; and makes viewing and paying your bill as easy as a few mouse clicks. When you sign up for Paperless Billing, Mitchell EMC will discontinue the monthly mailing of your paper bill. Instead, you will receive a monthly email with a link to your account information online. Paperless Billing saves money, time and trees, and makes viewing and paying your bill as easy as a few mouse clicks. Call Customer Service at 1-800-479-6034 to Go Green Today!

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