Outdoor Lighting

Law enforcement professionals agree criminals prefer to work under the camouflage of darkness. Good outdoor lighting destroys their habitat. And, it’s also proven that traffic accidents decrease on well-lit roadways.

Our experts can plan your lighting requirements, from a single security light to an entire shopping center. We’re as close as your phone.

Yard Lighting

  • Automatic photo controls (included) make sure the light’s on at dusk and off at dawn.
  • We can mount the fixture on existing poles or install a new pole to go along with either underground or overhead wiring.
  • The monthly service fee for a residential security light is $9.00. Some installation charges may apply.

Street Lighting

  • Perfect for walkways, subdivisions and shopping centers.
  • The deluxe fixture, coupled with its fiberglass pole, adds security to areas with underground wiring while keeping aesthetics intact.
  • Dusk to dawn operation is regulated by the fixture’s on-board photo control.

Contact Customer Service at 1-800-479-6034 for details on options available for your lighting requirements.