How to Read Your Utility Bill

MEMC bills detail your monthly charges, depending on the service(s) you choose.

  • Account Number – Number assigned to you by Mitchell EMC.
  • Due Date – Date payment is due to Mitchell EMC
  • Amount Due – Payment that is due if bill is paid by due date.
  • After – After this date, the amount due includes a 10% penalty NOTE: Service will be disconnected if payment is not received by this date.
  • SHARE – You can contribute to the Project Share by checking and signing here. Once you have signed up, you do not have to sign again every month.
  • Location – Map number assigned to your location by Mitchell EMC
  • Account Number – Number assigned to you by Mitchell EMC.
  • From-Service-To – Total service period for which you are being billed, beginning and ending date.
  • Rate – This is the numerical rate class for which your account qualifies- commercial, residential, and so forth.
  • Cycle – The cycle number indicates the billing cycle that this account is read and billed in. Use your cycle number to find the date your meter will be read.
  • Power Cost Adjustment – This charge reflects the difference between the actual cost of purchased power from our wholesale supplier and the base wholesale cost of power included in the retail rate. It can be negative or positive.
  • Bill Date – The date on which the bill is processed and mailed by Mitchell EMC.
  • Previous – Meter reading from previous billing cycle.
  • Present – Last meter reading recorded.
  • Multiplier – Meter info used by Mitchell EMC.
  • Demand – Meter info used by Mitchell EMC.
  • kWh used – Kilowatt hours used in this service period
  • Meter Number – Number assigned to this meter by Mitchell EMC.
  • Energy – Charge for energy used or KWHs used, including a facility charge and the wholesale power cost adjustment.
  • Yard Light – Charge for outdoor yard light, if applicable.
  • M Socket Adapter – Charge for Meter Socket Adapter, if applicable.
  • Tax – Applicable sales tax is added to new charges; does not inlcude arrears.
  • Operation Roundup – Join in this worthwile fundraising project to assist needy residents in your area.
  • Total Amount Due – Total bill, includes all charges above
  • Amount Due – Amount due if paid by due date
  • Amount Due after Due Date – This amount due includes 10% late fee
  • Message: Look here for information or news from Mitchell EMC.

Contact our client service representatives with specific questions.