Home Generator Program

Reliably delivering electricity to your home is a priority for Mitchell EMC, but sometimes the co-op is no match for Mother Nature. Severe weather events can disrupt power here in South Georgia, depriving our homes of the electricity we depend on.

An extended electric outage is more than an inconvenience these days. More people are working and schooling from home, and those activities often demand electricity­ powered technology. In the event of an extended outage, are you protected with a backup power solution?

A Perfect Partnership

Mitchell EMC has teamed with its own materials supply cooperative, GRESCO, and another Georgia- based electrical solutions company, Anderson Power Services, to make it easy for customer-owners to purchase and install a quality home standby generator at a competitive price. In addition, the co-op's Home Plus Loan is available to finance any generator purchase for qualified EMC customer-owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GENERAC Home Generator Program?

It is a partnership between Mitchell EMC and GRESCO that will help our consumers with the purchase and installation of a generator.

Are the GENERAC generators at Mitchell EMC?

No. They are at the GRESCO facility.

Who is installing the Generator?

GRESCO has contracted Anderson Power Services for installation of the GENERAC generator.

What would I need as far as Propane Tank or Natural Gas?

The minimum size propane tank is 250 gallons. It will differ in different areas.

Contact your Natural Gas provider, and the Generac installer will take care of installation.

Will it feed the whole house with electricity?

Yes. The GENERAC generator will provide service to an average 2500 square foot home.

How long will it take to get installed?

About 3 Weeks, depending on availability.

Does it have a warranty?

Yes, 5-year warranty from the start but Generac will offer an additional 3-year warranty.

Will Mitchell EMC finance?

No, but Mitchell EMC consumers can get financing through GO Energy credit union based on their credit. Links are provided on our website.