Levelized Billing

A Levelized Bill is a rolling average of your monthly bills for the most recent twelve (12)  months.  Averaging the bills reduces the fluctuations in your monthly bills – it brings the highest bills down a little, and takes the lowest  bills up a little.  Levelized billing is most appreciated during periods of heavy KWH usage, usually caused by extreme temperatures, hot or cold, and holidays.

How Much Does it Cost to Participate?

Levelized Billing is a free service.
See the example below to compare what you would pay on a Levelized Bill versus an actual bill

Levelized Billing


How Do I qualify?

Must be a residential member
Members must have twelve (12) months of good pay history with no non-pay disconnects nor returned checks
Account balance must be zero to begin Levelized Billing
All accounts must be kept current to remain on Levelized Billing

Combine this with the Bank Draft or our Auto Credit Card program and your monthly bill-paying chore becomes greatly reduced.

To sign up for levelized billing, use the form on the right.