Consumer Rebates

Why does a company that sells electricity pay its customers to use less?

The answer is simple: It helps both of us save money. The more efficient our consumers are, the more efficient the co-op will be. In the long term, all consumers receive the benefits of improved system efficiency. It all relates to leveling out the demand for electricity, by decreasing the peaks (when the demand for electricity is greatest) and raising the valleys (when demand for electricity is lowest).

In an effort to encourage energy conservation and the installation of energy efficient equipment, Mitchell EMC offers rebates to consumers. If you are buying or building a home, or just upgrading your present home, call us first.

Current Rebates:

New Home Rebate:

Electric Water Heater

   $135 credit on electricity bill

Existing Home Rebates:

Gas to Electric Heat Pump (per unit)
(HVAC dealer should have paperwork)


Water Heater, switch from gas to electric

   $135 credit on electricity bill

Electric water heater replacement is not eligible.