About Us

Mitchell EMC is a not-for-profit, member-owned electric cooperative that prides itself on providing reliable, competitively priced electric service. Electric cooperatives are owned and controlled by their members. This makes us unique, and it makes your participation vital. The leadership you elect sets policies that put you first.

Mitchell EMC safely delivers reliable electricity to more than 15,764 residential and commercial members in Mitchell, Baker, Worth, Dougherty, and 10 surrounding counties. Mitchell EMC’s distribution system consists of 5,570 miles of line over 400 square miles. Mitchell EMC exemplifies superior abilities to serve members with ease and convenience.

Because our control center is in operation and the employees are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, there should never be a question of dedication, dependability or response time.

A community partner since 1937, Mitchell EMC is actively involved in the communities we serve, the communities in which the employees live and work. Mitchell EMC's dedication to providing a higher quality of life in the service area is measured only by the satisfaction of the members.

Wholesale Power Supplier

Oglethorpe Power Corporation, OPC provides the majority of our wholesale power. OPC was established in 1975 to provide electricity to 39 of the 42 EMCs in Georgia. It is one of the largest generation and transmission cooperatives in the country. Since the National Energy Act of 1992, OPC has been restructured, allowing MEMC and other EMCs to purchase some of its wholesale power from other suppliers.