Viasat Internet Service

Viasat is Mitchell EMC's newest solution for high-speed satellite internet service. To sign up for Viasat or request more information, fill out our online form.

Unlimited data plans

If you’ve hesitated to purchase satellite internet because of data caps, the wait is over. Viasat internet now offers unlimited plans in many areas!

Unlimited data plans let you do more of what you love to do online. That means more streaming music and video, downloading files, social media, news, sports, and weather. More of everything!

Affordable, predictable price with plans starting at just $69.99 per month, you can afford the internet service you deserve.

Still not sure?

We recommend picking the plan that fits your video viewing habits and budget.

Data Plans

Platinum 100

Good for streamers who want to watch shows in 4k definition on large TVs; good with families with many connected devices.

Gold 50

Good for streamers who watch video on bigger TVs and want the best quality; families with many connected devices.

Silver 25

Good if you’re OK watching shows in standard (DVD) definition. Looks good on laptops, phones, tablets, small TVs, and may be acceptable on larger TVs.

Bronze 12

Good for people who mostly tend to stream videos on their phone or tablet; smaller households that don’t use many connected devices.

Remember, you can always upgrade to another available plan with no transition fee if the plan you’re on isn’t enough.

Terms & Conditions
Minimum 24-month service term. Speeds are “up to,” are not guaranteed and will vary. Service is subject to data transmission limits measured on a monthly basis. Service is not available in all areas. Limited Warranty: Viasat internet parts carry a 1-year limited warranty. Service Calls are covered for the first 90 days of service. All offers may be changed or withdrawn at any time.